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Best Magic MAT for Dirt

January 05, 2020


Best Doormats for Dirt & Dog Paw Cleaning Mat

The best kind of dirt is the kind that doesn’t get brought into the house in the first place, right? The thing is, dirt gets in everywhere, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, but you can control it. You can put down the right doormats so that dirt is only in the place that you expect it to be. You want to stop dirt in its tracks before it gets through to the rest of the house, but when you have pets at home, it’s hard to stop dirt getting past the front door. Dog paw cleaning mats are all the rage, but they’re not non-slip, super absorbent and easy to clean.

Enter, Magic Mat!

You can teach a dog tricks but you can’t teach them how to consciously wipe all four of their paws after a long walk. You’re engaging in dog paw cleaning twice a day after your walks, but with the Magic Mat, there’s now a dog paw cleaning mat that means after a rainy run, you don’t end up with prints all around your house. Instead, you have a solution to a problem that means that you have the best doormat for dirt around. 

How Does It Work? - Dog Paw Cleaning Mat

The best doormat for dirt is one that traps debris like wet and dry mud, sand and moisture without even trying. The Magic Mat can stop dirt the moment it’s stepped on, saving you the very tiring job of trying to teach your pet to wipe their paws. Don’t forget to put a Magic Mat at the back door, too, because once your dog comes in from having a run around the garden, their paws will be covered in mud. Choosing the right doormat means that you spend less time running around with antibacterial spray and a mop, and more time marveling at how amazing the Magic Floor Mat is at trapping dirt.

Dog mat

There is a rubber backing made of PVC on the back of the Magic non slip door mat, which stops outside water from soaking through to your flooring. You also don’t have to worry about it bunching up and sliding around anymore; the rubber backing sees to that. It comes in a variety of sizes which you can match up to the room you keep your doormat in; giving you the maximum time to pick up dirt from those muddy paws. This miracle non slip indoor mat will be a useful thing for your home or office.

How To Keep It Clean? - Doormats for Dirt

Before you lay your new doormat down, you should wash it through. This can ensure that you aren’t dealing with extra fibers and factory residue all over your flooring. There will, of course, be a little bit of excess coming off the mat when you wash it for the first time, but it’s completely normal and it’s better for those to come off in the wash than all over your floor. Though the Magic door mat isn’t like other doormat for dogs, but it still needs to be shaken out from time to time so that all debris can be freed. Never put the mat into the dryer, but just air dry in the home or outside.

Choosing the best doormat for dirt doesn’t have to be a difficult decision anymore, not with the Magic Mat on the market!

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