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Best Mudroom Rugs and Mudroom Mats by Magic Mat

November 27, 2019

  A mudroom has different uses for different people, but most mudrooms are the place in the home that stores coats, shoes and other outdoor clothing. They’re also used to store items that go out of the house, such as bags and even skis! Understanding what a mudroom is for is important, and the very first use is to keep mud and dirt out of your home. During the winter months, slush and snow are always a problem - especially if you live in an area that gets a good amount of the white stuff!

Keeping a mudroom clean? Not always easy. The doormats and floor runners that go into a mudroom often get full of water from the snow in the winter, covered in sand from the beach and tracked full of mud from shoes and day to day wear. However, with the Magic Mat, none of this needs to be a problem anymore!

How Does It Work? - Mudroom Mats

You can keep asking the family to remove their shoes and coats in the mudroom, but wouldn’t it be far simpler to have the perfect mudroom mat absorbing all the moisture and catching the debris and dirt from the moment you step onto it? The Magic Mat does just that. You can save a ton of money on cleaning the carpets in your home, simply by installing the Magic Mat and all its absorbent capabilities in the mudroom.

magic mat

The Magic Mat has an absorbent material that has the ability to absorb dirt and debris from anything that comes through the door. Water, dirt and sand all get left at the door, which keeps your home protected! The rubber backing prevents the mat from bunching up and getting stuck under the door, as well as the fact it’s low profile and can just about fit under any door around.

You can put the Magic Mat in the mudroom or leave it outside the door, either way it’ll do the job for you. Mudroom mats are a must if you want to stop the dirt tracking into the rest of your home, and the best mudroom rugs are those that catch the dirt right away, without you needing to beg the kids to wipe their feet! 

How To Keep It Clean? - Mudroom Rugs

Before you lay your new mudroom rug down, you should wash it through. This can ensure that you aren’t dealing with extra fibers and factory residue all over your flooring. There will, of course, be a little bit of excess coming off the mat when you wash it for the first time, but it’s completely normal and it’s better for those to come off in the wash than all over your floor. Though the Magic Mat isn’t like other mudroom mats, it still needs to be shaken out from time to time so that all debris can be freed. Never put the mat into the dryer, but just air dry in the home or outside.

magic mat

Choosing the best mudroom rug doesn’t have to be a difficult decision anymore, not with the Magic Mat on the market!


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