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Faqs about Magic Welcome Mat

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Magic Mat?
    The Magic Mat is one of the most amazing products of our time! Check out exactly what is here
  • Will it pick up dry debris?
    Yes, like a magnet! Including dust, sand, leaves, grass and pine needles... if your the one who does the sweeping, relax & let your Magic Mat do the work!

  • Will it work wet?
    Yes! It will work wet OR dry 
  • Will it slide on the floor?

    No, it has a non slip grip on the back

  • Will it bunch under the door?

    No, it has a low profile

  • Can you wash it?
    Yes! Warm or cold water cycle

  • Can you dry it?
    Yes! You can tumble dry on low, or let air dry

  • Are there glues or adhesives?
    No, the cotton material is vulcanized, (baked like a cake) into the backing

  • Why does the mat not work great new?
    It must be washed before use to remove the guard

  • What is the composition?
    65% cotton 35% microfibre

  • Is loss of cotton normal?
    Yes, this mat is packed with cotton and it will take a few washes before loss of cotton ceases

  • What type of detergent should be used?
    Whatever you currently used for your cotton towels

  • What is the difference between bordered and not bordered mats?
    Bordered mats are typically for commercial and non bordered are for home use.

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