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Magic Mat Washing Instructions

How Do I Wash My Magic Mat?

Cleaning Magic Mat is easy. Make sure to wash your Magic Mat right away to activate it.

Here is how to wash Magic Indoor Mat in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Put in Pillowcase

Step 2: Place in the washer on cold (use regular detergent)

Step 3: Take out of the pillowcase and hang out to Air Dry.

This takes care of any factory residue and extra fibers that all mudroom rugs and carpets have. It will also make it work much better… like the cotton towel we mentioned earlier, they just work better once they are washed a couple of times. Also, remember during the first couple of washes, there will be an excess of fibers that come off, (it’s completely normal). We recommend that you wash your Magic mat inside a pillow case and tie the loose end. Once the magic mat is in use, make sure to shake it out on a regular basis like any other mat. Don’t be afraid to use your vacuum  to clean up any trapped dust or smaller particles. When you are ready to wash the mat, use regular detergent and set your washer on cold. Once the wash is finished, take it out of the pillow case and then hang up your magic mat to dry. (Never put your magic Mat into the dryer!)

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